February 06, 2020

Find My Phone with Lookout Mobile Security

So many people lose their phones every day. They’re small, and easy to put down in weird places—not to mention how busy everyone is, it’s easy to pick them up and leave them somewhere without thinking about it. But sometimes phones get lost for less innocent reasons; crimes are happening more and more often. More phones are stolen, reset to factory mode, and then sold everyday than most people would ever imagine. If you don’t have the right security settings and apps on your phone, then you’re at a pretty high risk of having that happen to you! And, even if you don’t have your phone stolen, you still might lose it a few times every day, and having the right app could help you find it when you’ve forgotten it between a pile of things, or let it fall behind the couch again.

There aren’t a lot of different apps out there that really know how to help you find your phone once it’s lost. And even if they can help you by setting off an alarm, most of them won’t go off if your phone is on silent or vibrate. That’s why "Find My Phone” was created by Lookout Mobile Security (website link) ! This is the perfect program for everyone. There are very few people out there who haven’t ever lost their phone, and wished that they had a program to help them find it.

This is a program that includes everything that you need to get your phone back. When your phone has been lost, you can locate your phone on a map, and see where it is, even if it is miles away from you. If the battery is too low, it will still show up with the last known location of your phone, helping you get as close as possible to your phone. Once you know where it is, you can get close by, and activate the "Scream” alarm. The scream alarm is an alarm which can be activated so that you can hear your phone nearby.

Those were just the features that will help you to get your phone back into your own hands—there are a few others that will help you to catch the thief, and to protect your private information. First, there is a feature that will activate the camera and take a picture of anyone who incorrectly enters the lock password three times, so that you can potentially get a picture of the thief! You can also completely lock down your phone so that no one can get in, even with your password (though, this is a premium feature). This will prevent anyone from seeing your private information, and you can rest assured that your privacy is secure. Lastly, if you’re sure that you can’t get your phone back, you can wipe all of your data, and reset it to factory mode. This will prevent the thief from ever being able to get into your accounts, seeing any of your messages, photos, or any of your contacts.

Lookout Mobile Security offers the "Find my Phone” program to give people the best chance of getting their phones back, and they make it as easy as possible. Only a few of the features mentioned above are offered at a premium rate, and they are all very affordable. Few people have any complaints about the features offered, because there is little to be desired after everything. Almost everyone is able to get their phones back with the use of the many different features that come with Lookout Mobile Security Find My Phone program features.

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